Photo by Icelandic Consul General Hlynur Guojonsson

Content Creators Alliance (CCA) Co-Founders Jakob Frímann Magnússonand Guy Garcia at “The Future of Intellectual Property” lunch at the Icelandic Consulate in New York City. We are founding Content Creator Alliance (CCA) as a social platform and resource and information hub designed to help artists and entrepreneurs navigate the murky waters of intellectual property and connect with other content creators who share their aspirations, interests and goals. 






An economic revolution is transforming America: the New Mainstream. In this groundbreaking book, Guy Garcia explains how Americans will eat, work, play, learn, and spend money in the twenty-first century—and why any organization that ignores the lessons of the New Mainstream is doomed to fail. Led by the growing statistical and buying power of blacks, Latinos, and Asians, the New Mainstream is a loose coalition of minorities who have been forced to forge their own identity in American culture—even as they use and consume goods and services targeted to the general public. This shift in consumer buying power is not only transforming how products are developed, marketed, and bought, it also illustrates that diversity is the driving force of American capitalism. As Garcia shows, The New Mainstream is both a wake-up call and a road map to this new economic reality.




Henry Thayer


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